You Don’t Have to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Rachel O’Neill, Contributing Writer

I have a confession to make: my husband and I don’t “do” Valentine’s Day. While we love each other and have nothing against romance, the pink and red, hearts-a-plenty, consumer-driven holiday just isn’t our thing. Many of our friends make a point of celebrating it, and that’s fine with us. As a couple we’ve simply chosen to celebrate our marriage and show one another love in different ways.

You Don't HAVE to celebrate Valentine's Day

It’s hard as humans not to compare, and the advent of Pinterest and Facebook have made it even more difficult. Maybe you’ve been overwhelmed by the oodles of fantastic gift ideas that you’ll never be able to pull off for your spouse. Maybe pictures of a friend’s romantic candlelit dinner and extravagant gift from her husband have you twinging with jealousy. Your heart is struggling with discontentment with what you don’t have, or perhaps with pride over what you do have.

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Every marriage is different, and Christianity doesn’t necessitate cookie-cutter marriages. All that we’ve been asked to do is for husbands to love their wives with a laid down life, and for wives to submit to and honor their husbands. This speaks easy but lives hard. It’s enough to keep us busy without envying or turning our noses down at other marriages.

Will you be celebrating this Valentine’s day with rose bouquets and a date night? Wonderful! May you love one another well and cherish this special day.

Did your husband forget the day and fail to meet your expectations? Offer forgiveness and choose to love him well. Glorify God and honor your husband with a joyful heart in life’s big and small disappointments.

Did your best friend receive diamonds while you just got a card? Choose to rejoice with her, and to give thanks for what God has given you.

This Valentine’s Day, embrace your freedom in Christ to love one another, however that may look in your marriage. Ask your spouse what you can do to better serve them, or what makes them feel most loved, and make a point of honoring them in that way.

May your marriage reflect Christ’s passionate and sacrificial love for His Church, from February 14th, 2014, to February 13th, 2015, and every day after.

It's not too late to celebrate Valentine's Day!


  1. We don’t make a big deal over any holidays. People think we’re weird, but we just prefer to relax and not stress ourselves out in the process of trying to make a day special. Everybody is different.


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