Unity in Times of Transition

By David & Angie Benjamin, Contributing Writers

Unity in Time of Transition

photo credit: Emmanuel Frezzotti via photopin cc

It’s so good to be back after a long “forced” blogging break { if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can read all the details here and here}; but long story short: We recently moved from one continent to another due to David’s new job.

It’s been a hectic time; to tell the truth we’ve gone through a lot since we got married…so many changes in less than 2 years {that’s incluiding our first child}.

We’ve learnt so much from each other and from every situation God has allowed us to go through that we thought it would be a good idea to share what we’ve learned along the way…what we have done during times of transition in order to “survive” changes or any other unexpected storm of life

1. Stay Focused

God has a plan for your family. aAs a couple but for your individual life as well, remember Jeremiah 29:11 : For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- NIV

2. Stay Positive

Look at the positive side of every single situation, in our case…well we don’t know anyone here! No friends at all!! But that’s a great “excuse” to meet new people in the area!

We can say ” We don’t know my new town, our  new neighbourhood”…well, that’s a great “excuse” to go for a walk…to explore and again: meet new people!

We can say “it’s a different culture and not even my native language is spoken” …well, that’s awesome! We can learn, a new window of knowledge is open!

You see? Knowing that God has  a plan in every single situation will open up your eyes to opportunities and will give you a new positive perspective!

3. Stay Empathetic

Being in this transition time has made us be more empathetic with each other.

It’s not all about you, you know? It’s not all about: poor me, I’m going through a hard time!

God has given us new eyes to see each other’s needs. David found things that he didn’t quite expect when we came here and so did I. But when I saw him, struggling to understand some things, I used to remind him that God has a plan…{encourage your spouse!}. On his side he saw how alone I was and not any friend at all! He’s been encouraging me to go out, to go to toddler and mom’s meetings, to go wherever I want to go! NO restrictions!!

4. Count your blessings!

From day one, start counting your blessings!

God is so faithful! when we first came (to an awful weather and only with our suitcases) we soon started receiving help from “strangers” …gifts for our new house and so many toys for our daughter!…seems like nothing! but IT SURELY MAKES a difference. Counting our blessings and often thanking God for them in prayer has made us stay focused and positive.

What are the kind of transitions have you gone/are you going through? How did you manage them  as a couple?


  1. Micaela King says:

    My husband, Steven, and I are newly weds for two and half months now. We are learning lots about each other and looking forward to what God has for us. Our time of transition is more of a change for me. I have been teaching in some sort of capacity for at least ten years and then just finished my last year so I can be a wife. My husband is”super excited” about having a wife at home. I have to admit some days I’m pretty excited at the thought of being able just to be Steven’s wife and some days I know I’m going to miss the teaching, especially in August when they are getting ready for the new school year. This article encouraged me to stay positive and focused about what God has for me. Thank you and I would appreciate your prayers!