TODAY only! Mother & Father’s Day Presents

If you have been around all week here at A Biblical Marriage you will notice that we have been talking about The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle. We promise to return to our normal content starting Monday, but for now we have a great present idea for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to share!

This deal ends TONIGHT at 11:59PM EST so don’t miss out. This will be the one and only time this deal will be offered. Get your bundle HERE. Scroll down to see the Father’s Day present…guys, you WILL want this! ;)

The Best Mother’s Day Present

Want to get your wife or mother an amazing present this year but finances are tight? TODAY only you can get this fabulous bundle deal which includes access to a library of 97 eBooks and eCourses {normally $640!!} on homemaking, cooking, marriage, fitness and more! PLUS over $140 in homemaking FREEBIES!

It’s the ultimate gift for every mother as there is something for everyone included whether your wife is interested in cooking, baking, making ice cream, fitness, spiritual growth, homeschooling and more!

Here are a few of my favorite items from the bundle that I know your wife will love! Check out the complete list of what is included in the library for even more eBooks & eCourses that your wife will enjoy!

Just Making Ice Cream Cookbook

Just Making Ice Cream Cookbook - Delicious and nourishing! This is such a fun cookbook just in time for Summer! I have been making my own ice cream for years, but not like this! Each recipe is naturally sweetened and contains healthy yummy ingredients. This is the perfect accessory for summer that won’t leave your family stuffed with sugar and chemicals.

This cookbook contains over 70 recipes and lots of easy to follow instructions so that even the novice ice cream maker can jump in and make delicious frozen treats. I literally just drool over this cookbook and can’t decide what to make next!!

I seriously am in love with this cookbook! I learned so much reading through this book including how to make ice cream inexpensively that is actualy GOOD for you!! Talk about a win win. I wish I had this cookbook years ago.

Husbands, do you want fresh, wonderful, yummy ice cream all summer long? Then get your wife this book!! PSSSST you can even learn to make icecream without an ice cream maker!! 

42 Days to Fit

42-days-to-fitAs a new mama who still has some baby weight to lose, I was so excited to start looking through this book. I love that it is written by three moms who have been there before. They know how hard it is to fit excercise into our crazy schedules and actually get into shape between homeschooling, taking kids to swim practice, making dinner, and all the other things we do each day. I love their practical hands on advice and experience!

The book is broken down into easy weekly meal plan and excercise challenges with printable tracking sheets included. I love the 42 day challenge format because it’s broken up into easy managable pieces that even the busiest mom can fit into her schedule. Busy mamas who want to get it…THIS book is for you!

Embracing Beauty

Embracing Beauty BookI had the privelage of meeting Trina in person this year at a confernce and let me tell you, her fun and witty personality shines through this book! Trina shares her journey to embracing beauty in the season of motherhood. Every chapter is crammed with practical inspiration and tips for defining your style, choosing clothes and accessories that work for you, and combining it all into a look that will bring joy to your day, and bless those around you. There is so much packed into this book! I highly recommend it for every mother! 

I love this quote from the book, it really hits home for me as a new mama!

“Perhaps the most neglected part of a mommy’s wardrobe is her bras. Once we enter motherhood what was once ornamental and pretty low-maintenance becomes utilitarian and a daily challenge to keep under control. They swell, bulge, and grow out of anything they fit, all while gaining a nasty attitude and extreme sensitivity. Oh, and they leak. What’s up with that?! Suddenly, instead of an asset, we have a liability hanging off our chest, waiting for the next chance to embarrass us. Sisters, this ought not so to be.” ~ Embracing Beauty by Trina Holden


3 Month Free Membership to List PlanIt

Personal ePlanner from List PlanItOkay, every wife and mama should be lining up to get this subscription! My year subscription to List PlanIt  just expired so this comes at the perfect time!! They have lists, worksheets, and printables for everything you could ever want!! 

They have printables on homeschooling, cleaning, organizing, packing, blogging, and SO much more! It’s really the homemaker’s best friend and you wife will LOVE you for getting her this 3 month subscription which is included for FREE in the bundle! {You will also get a FREE three month subscription to Plan To Eat which is another homemaking essential!!}

Husbands, this bundle is the perfect gift for your wives, they will love it and the FREEBIES included! But wait…there’s stuff in it for YOU too! Read on below…

The Best Father’s Day Present

Okay ladies, what is the one thing that your husbands want this year {and every day}?? I’m just gonna say it…Great Sex! But as we all know, that doesn’t always happen. We may go days, weeks, months or even years with little to no sex or at least not very good sex.

This year, give your husband the promise of great sex {because after all…he IS a father because of it ;)}. So this father’s day, give him something fun! Included in the Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle are TWO resources to really help you spice things up in your marriage!

31 Days to Great Sex

31 Days to great sex!After a rough pregnancy, 2 months of bedrest, THEN a C section and recovery…our intimate life has been a bit derailed. But now that I have {mostly} recovered and our twins are sleeping through the night {Praise the Lord!} we have decided it’s time to get back on track!

So we are going through this fabulous book by Sheila of To Love, Honor, and Vacuum and it has really helped us so far. I know most of us don’t have a lot of time and intimacy problems can be deeply rooted and hard to work through! So Sheila takes you through a 31 day journey towards better sex! Trust us, your husband will love you for getting this for him {plus you get some awesome homemaking books too}! 

“Billions of people have had sex. I don’t know how many have truly made love.”


“Satan’s big marriage strategy: get people to have sex before they’re married. Then get them to stop once they’re married!” ~ Sheila Gregoir, 31 Days to Great Sex

Rekindling Romance eKit

Rekindling-RomanceFollowing that excellent book to help you work through problems and get on a better track is our very own eKit written by my husband and I! Sometimes coming up with fun gift and date ideas that won’t break the bank can be hard!! So we have come up with 7 free or very cheap ideas aong with 30 pages of printables!

Included in the kit are some fun things like a cutomizable CD cover so you can make a mixed CD for your love. Or some sweet cards that you fill out of “10 Things I Love About You”. But this is our personal favorite – A stip newlywed game – designed to test your knowlege of your partner, draw you closer together, have some fun, and get naked and spice things up ;) This kit is obviously for married couples only…

Present these two resources to your hubby for father’s day and we know he will thank us!! Maybe throw in some candles to the deal and have a wonderful father’s day! PLUS you then get these two great eBooks AND access to the other 95 eBooks & eCourses AND over $140 in homemaking bonuses! 

This deal ends TONIGHT

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. For only $29.97 you can get a present for your husband or wife AND something for yourself that would normally cost over $640 {plus the $140 freebies}!!! But hurry! This bundle lasts until TONIGHT {Saturday May 4th at 11:59 pm EST} ONLY! After tonight the bundle will never be offered again! BUY YOUR BUNDLE HERE!

97 eBooks & eCourses + over $ 140 in FREE bonuses + a kindle fire giveaway= One gigantic amazing homemaking bundle sale!! ONE week only ~ April 29th - May 4th ~ Get your bundle here:

I LOVE my bundle so far and my husband is excited for the marriage books that come with it {there are actually 5 marriage books in all} plus he is so excited for me and all the great homemaking books I’m getting. Plus I think he’s excited about the ice cream! ;) So get instant access to this full library RIGHT NOW before this deal is gone forever. I’m actually buying another one just for the freebies!!

Enter to WIN your own bundle

We are so excited to be giving away FIVE of The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle!!! Enter via the rafflecoptor form below. If you are reading this on your email you might need to click over to enter}.

Do you want to buy this bundle before the sale is over but also hope you might win?? If you purchase a bundle and then win a copy from us, we will refund you! So what are you waiting for, enter the giveaway below!!

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  1. I would love the PlanIt book, the one with the three month subscriptions. I am homeschooling, and I need help getting everyone organized, helping with chores, meals, etc..

  2. I am interested in a bunch of the books but the Freezer Cooking and the Ice Cream one sound great!

  3. Now that you pointed it out, I am excited about the Just Making Ice cream Book :) Also the Organizing Life As Mom.

  4. I forgot to say why… #1 I heart Ice Cream #2 I really need to be more organized for myself as well as my family. Being unorganized takes so much time and energy! I’m so ready to get these books :)

  5. Michele Wassink says:

    I’d love the ice cream book!

  6. Zedda T says:

    Just making ice cream…. cause Hubby LOVES ice cream & the store stuff makes us sick.

  7. Dorita says:

    Looks like great book selections!

  8. The homeschool books as I will be a “new” homeschool mom to 3 children next year :D