The Excellent Wife Day By Day by Karen Eiler {Book Review}

By Mandy HoffmanContributing Writer



The Overview

The Excellent Wife Day by Day

The Excellent Wife Day By Day is based on the encouraging and truth filled book written by Martha Peace: The Excellent Wife. But in Day By Day, the same Scripture based content is broken into daily portions for the five week days. Each day includes a devotional like thought to read, Scripture to read, an assignment, and a verse to memorize per week. It’s a practical guide and a Bible study on being a godly wife all in one book. This book is aimed at a wife who loves her husband but is or does regularly face challenges in her marriage. However, any wife can read it and most certainly benefit from it – whether in a “good marriage” or in a “difficult marriage”.

The Readability

While being a thick book – 260 pages – it is really a short read. The book is broken into one page per day and only five days a week. Even though some of the issues covered are rather deep, this book makes it easy to both understand and keep your attention. You do not feel like you’re wading through a deep theology book, yet you are walking away with a deeper understanding of theology and its application to your role as a wife.

The Highlights

The best thing about this book is that it takes a deep, and sometimes challenging topic, and makes it easy to digest no matter what phase of life you are in at the moment. Also, rather than read a chapter in chunks – leaving you feeling discombobulated – it’s already divided into flowing, topical portions making it easier to retain what you are learning. This book also give you “wiggle room” in that it’s a set up to be a devotional (and it’s content deeper than the traditional devotional) for five days a week instead of all seven.

There is so much I really, really, really – you get the point! – like about this book! Weekly memory verses, heart-challenging truth, and small reading portions are definitely part of what I like. But my favorite “highlight” of the book is it’s Application component. The daily application section gives you practical ways to put into action what you have learned. Some days may be harder to do, but all of them are things that can be done and most – if not all – are applications at the heart level and not just mere tasks of action.

Lastly, the content of this book is organized into ten categories that rotate through out the entire reading of this book rather than checking one topic of the list at a time. This way you get continual encouragement and challenge in the various aspects of your role as wife over the year that you commit to doing this study.

The Downside

Honestly, I can’t really think of something that I would consider to be a “downside” to this book. But I suppose if you are in a really good marriage you might be a little bored in reading this, or perhaps if you are in a very difficult marriage you may find it to “light” for your problems. That being said, I still hold fast to my previous thought that any wife can benefit in one degree or another from working their way through this truth filled guide.

The Recommendation

My recommendation is a bold shout of “READ IT”! While I don’t find a specific reason to caution the unmarried woman to not read it, I think that rather than be encouraged they could become discouraged because they are not able to flesh out the application in their own life. The mother book – The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace – is a great study for both married and unmarried woman to learn the foundation of being a godly wife and this is more of the “fleshing out” of that training into the married woman’s life. So married women….READ THIS BOOK!

You can pick-up your own copy of The Excellent Wife Day by Day and begin your own journey to becoming a more godly wife today!

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