Spice It Up Saturdays

Each Saturday here at A Biblical Marriage we will feature a different quick idea that you can use over the weekend to “spice” things up a little in your marriage.

Spice It Up Saturdays ~ A quick idea each week that you can implement during your weekend to "spice" things up with your spouse! | ABiblicalMarriage.com

Creating intimacy and drawing closer to your spouse takes intentional thought and actions carried out on a daily basis. But many of us forget that it’s often the little things that make a difference. From stealing a secret kiss while your kids aren’t looking to sending spicy text messages to each other, it’s the little things that can help create intimacy.

So join us each Saturday as we share a quick tip or idea that you can carry out over the weekend to spice up your marriage! Check back here to browse through past ideas for even more fun throughout the week:

Spice It Up #1 – Steal 3 Secret Kisses

Spice It Up #2 – Create a Candlelight Dinner

Spice It Up #3 – Send a Couple of “Fun” Text Messages

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