Spice It Up Saturday: Write Your Spouse a Love Note!

Welcome to week five of our new weekly feature, Spice It Up Saturdays!

Spice It Up Saturdays ~ A quick idea each week that you can implement during your weekend to "spice" things up with your spouse! | ABiblicalMarriage.com

Each week we share a quick tip or idea that you can use to spice up your marriage! Each idea is designed to be able to be carried out during the weekend without a ton of time required. With a few minutes each week you can spice things up and add a little flavor to your marriage!

Spice It Up #5:

Spice it up #5

Show your spouse that you care this weekend by writing them a love note and putting it somewhere for them to find! It doesn’t have to be a novel, just a quick little note expressing your love. Stick it on your spouse’s dresser, or put it in their pants pocket. This is a sure fire way to bring a smile to their face.

You don’t have to write poetry, anything will do to brighten your spouse’s day. Show your spouse you love them and who knows, maybe it will help to spice things up!

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