Sermons And Biblically Based Resources For Husbands

Sermons And Biblically Based Resources For Husbands
I’m one of those book septic kind of guys. Too many opinions out there, and very little of them filled with any biblical truth. Due to that, I tend to stick to sermons and audio resources from speakers I have come to trust. That being said, there are a couple of books I have enjoyed and that I would consider valuable resources for husbands to read.

When Sinners Say I Do, by Dave Harvey

When Sinners Say I Do, by Dave Harvey

My wife and I were given this book early on in our marriage. We had just came out of the honeymoon phase and were struggling to find our place within our marriage. Our pastor at the time gave each of us a copy of When Sinners Say I Do, and although I feel that no book can be “life changing” as the Bible is, this book really kicked us in our pants. It focuses on the heart issues, making you look within and not outwardly at your spouse. If you are looking for one book, aside from the Bible, to encourage your marriage – hands down I would say that When Sinners Say I Do is the one you need to get.

The Exemplary Husband: A Biblical Perspective, by Stuart Scott (Forward by John MacArthur)

The Exemplary Husband by Stuart Scott

This is another book I really enjoyed. The Exemplary Husband is a four part book. It begins with focusing on an understanding of God’s sovereignty, on sin, on relationships, and on your role as a husband (your marriage).  Followed by a focus on leadership, stewardship, and intimacy. You’ll also deal with the heavy topics such as anger, fear, and anxiety. All of these are approached in a biblically sound way, helping you deal and look at each and every area in a biblical way.

Sermons, articles, and video

For the most part, I prefer audio over reading reading. Due to that, most of these resources contain audio or are complete audio/visual resources.

If you have any biblically sound resources for husbands that you would like to recommend, leave them in the comments!





  1. Center for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood really impacted our marriage. It was a good tool to find solid sermons in preparation for marriage.