Resurrecting Chivalry: Don’t Worship the god of “equality”

By Scott Morefield, Contributing Writer


Ah chivalry, that outdated, long-forgotten notion of a bygone age of knights, heroes, and kings. Who needs it? Today’s women seemingly have it all – high-powered careers, equal rights under the law, political power, economic power, and more. Not that that’s all necessarily bad, but our culture has certainly moved from what once was a chivalry-based, patriarchal society to an altogether different one, dominated by the worship of another god entirely – the god of equality.

Under this god, the god that, among other things, bred what we know of as ‘feminism,’ chivalry is so passé. After all, they say, men practiced it back in the ‘day’ because they thought women were the weaker vessel (in between all the mayhem and pillaging and dragging women to caves by their hair). No need for all that now since we are all ‘equal…’ but what does this ‘equality’ mean? In the age of ‘equality,’ women have been torn from the pedestal they once were on, have been conditioned to believe that real accomplishment lies in the workforce or politics, not in the traditional roles of mother, wife, and homemaker. And men are taught (if not overtly, then by the culture) to treat women like objects, or just another guy. The result? The breakup of the traditional, God-ordained family.

Dating – old school {Source}

The culture destroyers are all about tearing down ‘walls,’ and they’ve been pretty successful at bringing down the ‘barriers’ between the sexes, so much so that barely a barrier, or any level of respect, exists anymore. As a result, our society has lost not only the chivalrous code that once was the norm, but most forms of common decency as well. In truth, the ruins of destruction wrought, at least in part by feminism, litter the cultural landscape – the sky-high divorce rate, increasing percentages of children born out of wedlock, increased numbers of abortions, deviant children, and more. There’s no doubt that the family, God’s building block and cornerstone of society, is under constant, relentless assault.

Today, traditional Christians must stand in the gap that has been torn open by the culture destroyers.  We must keep the light of the old ways burning not only for ourselves, but as a reminder to others that there is a way that our ancestors lived that WORKED and, though it wasn’t perfect, was for the most part so much better and more fulfilling than the meaningless, empty lie that feminism and the worship of a nonexistent ‘equality’ offers. We must put our women, our ladies, back ON the pedestal they have been knocked off of. We must respect and honor women for the unique, different, vitally important attributes they bring to the table.

Men Must Rise to the Occasion

And yes, as husbands we must, like the chivalrous knights of old, PROTECT our wives. We must protect their hearts by loving them more than ourselves. We must protect their persons by being prepared for anything, but willing to die for them if need be. We must protect their relationship with God by being the spiritual leaders God wants us to be. We must protect their motherhood by being a Godly father to our children.


Sure, women are stronger than the old culture gave them credit for. In the eyes and standing of God, they are every bit as equal. Far from fragile weaklings, they are capable of accomplishing anything they want, but when our wives are ultimately fulfilling the purpose God put them on this earth to do, they are truly and fully happy. This is not to say that parenthood or even wife-hood is God’s purpose for every woman, but the traditional, patriarchal family was created and ordained by God as the ideal vessel for raising children. We watch its destruction without a fight at our peril.

Let’s rediscover the meaning of chivalry!


  1. Christina says:

    Sometimes I wonder if men have even noticed the women ‘taking over’ so to speak? Seems like there are so many other things that distract the men from being men. Maybe if they looked up from their video games, football games, and other hobbies long enough, then the current culture would look a lot different.

  2. I agree Christina! I think there is a lot wrong with our society! Men are not leading and women are not giving them the chance to lead! Our men need to step up and like you said, put down the video games, long enough to Biblically and lovingly lead their families :) And women need to let them!!

  3. Not sure that the good ole days were quite that rosy. Many of the older women in my family were forced to endure cheating husbands because they had no other options. Some were quite poor but could earn very little money, because of limited education and job opportunities. A few were abused, but the church and their families told them to put up with it. Yes, feminism has caused problems, but I’m not sure they’re any worse than the problems caused by men having all of the resources and power.

  4. Jason Balmet says:

    Thanks for the input DW! I agree with you that there were plenty of issues back in the day. However, I don’t think the purpose of this article was to promote everything about that time period, but to point out the positive aspects from back then and to challenge us to bring those back. It is not suggesting that we emulate all behaviors that were done in the name of “chivalry”, such as abuse and infidelity as you mentioned. I think it is calling us men to bring back the actions and behaviors that align with the Scriptures, like spiritual leadership and protection.

  5. I agree with this post 100%, and I also agree with DW.
    Back in the ‘old days’, women didn’t really have a socially recognizable say in their marriages. If some were abusive, all women could do was endure it. Sometimes it was arranged or forced, and although love could grow from them, sometimes it couldn’t, and as such, I don’t think these were what the Lord had in mind for his children, as some people misinterpreted or ignored how God set it out to be.
    And then in the 20th and 21st century, Women’s Rights came around, and then the rise of feminism. Now, I don’t speak for everyone or other Christians, as this is my personal belief, but I think both good and bad came from this.
    It gave women more of a voice in their lives, and ability to respectably support themselves, which are all wonderful things!
    However, it also brought about a serious break down of the family and familial roles. I feel that the Lord sees husband and wife as equal partners (‘equal’ meaning different roles that are equally important and equally respected), and the rest of the world feels like that is sexist!
    I see it this way: The Lord made us separate genders that performed separate roles, but it is vital to have those differences in order for the human race to flourish and grow. Why, then, should it be any different in our roles in our families and marriage?
    I’m so glad you posted this, because there is such a need for the women in our day to allow men to be respectful and equal in the way the Lord intended, and for men to stand up and lead and love and be men! The point I’m making is this; I am glad for the Womens Movements and how they changed many lives for the better, however, society lost many good things from the past, and accepted sad and distorted ideals that The Adversary has used as a tool to destroy families and lives. In our society’s quest for ‘gender equality’, it instead has belittled both women and men and their God-given talents, gifts, and roles.

  6. Thank you for your input Shaleice! I agree! There are some great things that have come around for women in the last 100 years. Women can vote and own land and have the option of being “equal” under the law. But through that we have also lost some really valuable things. I agree, we are “equal” under God’s sight but we DO have different roles that play out in marriage. Neither role is inferior, God just designed us differently! Thank you so much for your input and for stopping by!! And SO true when you say, “but it is vital to have those differences in order for the human race to flourish and grow”. Well said!

  7. I can’t decide if this article is laughable or disgusting.