Leaving A Legacy of Love

By Blair Allen, Contributing Writer

Last month I had the privilege of celebrating with my grandparents and their friends the 50th anniversay of their wedding day. Weeks before I was asked to prepare a short speech for the occasion. Today I would like to share with you what I said.


“I have heard many sermons about love over the years and everyone seems to have their own take on what true love looks like. My grandparents have always been a beautiful example to me of what true love within a marriage looks like.


Just like the famous love chapter in the Bible their love for another has been a kind and patient love. It doesn’t envy or boast. Their love doesn’t dishonor others, anger easily, seek self, or keep record of wrongs. The love I’ve witnessed through the years between my grandparents has not been perfect but it has always been protected, trusted, hoped, and persevered!


Thank you for gracefully showing us all how wonderful marriage can be!”


This may sound sweet and appropriate but there is something astounding about it really. You see my grandparents do not profess to be Christians. It is quite possible that they never heard 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 before I mentioned it at the party. Yet somehow they knew how to love instinctively.  Albeit with the work any normal marriage requires.  In my opinion, many years ago love was modeled Biblically as a general rule. They may not have seen their own parents model love this way but definitely did see their older siblings, neighbors, friend’s parents and others showing characteristics of a biblical love.

In today’s society we do not have that luxury. Our children and grandchildren will not see Biblical love acted out before them from multiple directions. Instead they will see the world’s version of love all around them. That kind of love comes in all sorts of unhealthy varieties. As Christians it is so very important that we be faithful in our walk. Not just to the health of our own relationships with our spouses and with the Lord but for the sake of our children and grandchildren as well.

How will you make sure that you leave a legacy of love?