Have you prayed for your spouse today?

As I sat down to write this post – something glaringly obvious became apparent to me.

As I sat down to share some ways and encouragement for praying for your spouse – The Lord gripped my heart and convicted me.

As I sat down to encourage you to stop what you are doing and pray for your spouse – I realized I have to do the same thing. 

The Lord convicted me of this very thing I wish to press upon you.

Have you prayed for {and with} your spouse today?

I will write no more today as the most important thing I can be using this precious time for, is praying for my husband. 

If you have not spent very much time with your head bowed in humble prayer before our Lord concerning your spouse, then I urge you – this second – to set down your iPhone, close the laptop, take a 10 minute break from work – whatever you need to do – and spend a few minutes before the Lord.


What is it your spouse needs right now?



Mental Clarity?


Spiritual Oneness with our Father?

Stop right now. And


Join me next week as we cover some practical tips for praying for {and with} your spouse, but for now – walk away from the screen and spend some time investing in your marriageby investing in time with the Lord.


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