Gospel Treason {Book Review}: Why It Matters To Your Marriage

By Mandy Hoffman, Contributing Writer

Why It Matters To Your Marriage

Why It Matters To Your Marriage

You may be looking at the book title and graphic and wonder what this book has to do with your marriage.  Never fear!  I am going to answer that question…at the bottom of the post!  So read through the whole post to get the general review and THEN find out why I think this is the perfect marriage book for you to read.

The Overview

There are some books that I like so much I can’t come up with enough good words to describe them. This is one of them. I want to grab anyone I walk by and say: “YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!”

Gospel Treason is a book for the common man about the idolatry of our hearts as Believers professing a personal relationship with Christ.

If you are like me, you grew up in a solid Bible believing church where you learned you need to have a personal relationship with Christ to be saved. Much of our training was then focused on settling into the Christian life of serving God with our whole heart…soul, mind, and strength. Gospel Treason is written to challenge that mental checklist and bring us back to the very basic – but oh so radical – foundation of our life as a Christian – the life changing, daily application of grace.

Reading this book will help you learn how to dig into Scripture and apply it in a way you have probably glossed over for years. It will help you in the everyday struggle with those run-of-the-mill sins, as well as the ones that seem to haunt you. This book changes your black and white understanding of God’s grace into brilliant and bold shades of color.

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The Readability

Gospel Treason is the book that anyone can read. I am so thankful for the author – Brad Bigney – being willing to stay true to his desire to write in a way that makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend rather than reading an academic essay. It’s got hard-hitting truth that may make you cringe at some moments, but is refreshing to the weary soul, and is sprinkled with humor the whole way through. It’s a total of 219 pages, but broken into easy to digest chunks of 13 chapters.

The Highlights

The first highlight for me – as I’ve mentioned above – is the everyday manner of how this book is written. I have read a number of books on this subject – or closely related -and this is one of the top two. I could grasp the points quickly without having to first pull out the dictionary to figure out what each sentence was saying!

Brad Bigney did a fantastic job of connecting the rising topic of “Idols of the Heart” to the daily struggles of the Believer and to the grace of God. It is an in-depth look into the subject of how the Gospel really does matter…every day…every moment. And for the reader who still thinks of an idol as a little wooden statue from the Old Testament, this book will easily help you make the connection from carved images to our hearts desires.

I also greatly appreciated how Bigney explains the difference between confessional theology and functional theology and how it fleshes out in our lives. Gaining a firm understanding of this concept was helpful in battling my daily sins of worry, fear, and desire for perfection. Just to name a few!

I do not want to sound like I’m gushing, but the truth is that nearly every page is either dog-eared or somehow marked up with stars and underlined sections. Every chapter was like a new Christmas present! It might be possible to sum up my highlights with the fact that it’s not “just a theology” book…it’s a beautiful blend of theology connected to the rubber-meets-the-road of daily living.

The Downside

As you might have already figured out, I can’t think of anything to write under this title. In my humble opinion, the entire book was filled with challenge, conviction, and encouragement. Oh wait! I just thought of one thing…I wish it had discussion questions at the end of each chapter. However, I have been told by the author that you can find the study guide on his website www.BradBigney.com and download it for free.

The Recommendation

This is a no-brainer: READ IT! It’s for anyone…teen, adult, new Christian, or seasoned Saint.

If you recently began to understand the Gospel and God’s grace after years of walking the Christian journey, I highly recommend this book be bumped up to “top priority” in your “to-read” pile. This book will help you lay a firm foundation in your understanding and thinking on this subject.

Some of you may finish this review and think I sound like an over excited fan. While I did receive this courtesy copy from the publisher for review purposes, the opinions I share with you are 100% mine. I am a very picky reader, and if you visit my blog, you will see that I rarely rave about a book. When I do, you can be sure I mean every word I say…or type.

Why It Matters To Your Marriage

Your average marriage book deals with surface issues.  The problems that we see on a daily basis like communication, sex, time, connecting, love languages, his needs or her needs.  Gospel Treason goes below the surface to the roots of what cause the daily issues.  Listen to what Brad says in his own words:

“I’d like to wrap yellow caution tape around so many of the best-selling Christian books out there that focus on the husband’s needs and the wife’s needs.  Think about it – just because the husband knows his wife’s top five needs doesn’t mean that he’ll have any desire to meet them. Why?  Because he’s too buys thinking about his top five needs, hoping that she reads the chapters on how she can meet his needs.  This approach leaves both of them focused on themselves and striving to get the other to meet these so-called needs.” – page 73 of Gospel Treason


Reading Gospel Treason will help you get to the heart of your own sin.  It will also show you how focusing on your personal relationship with Christ – not your spouse’s – will enable you to love him/her the way Christ loves you and alleviate some of the daily strife in your marriage.  Rather than being disappointed with one another you can learn to be content and fulfilled in Christ.  Get rid of your expectations and enjoy life and your marriage!

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