Glorifying God in Your Finances {Free eBook}

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Glorifying God in your finances

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Glorifying God in Your Finances

Finances. Whew, what a confusing and conflict-filled subject. Do you cringe when you think of finances and your marriage?

Finances are the #1 source of conflict in marriage. Maybe you are the couple who has a blow up fight every time money is mentioned. Or maybe it has turned into a taboo, high stress subject that no-one mentions but it always simmers just below the surface. Or perhaps you get along fairly well and are generally on the same page about money, but want to learn more about how you can glorify God when it comes to your finances.

When it comes to finances, it’s important to go to scripture and see what God has to say on the subject. We must align our hearts with His word and His teachings on money. Your heart attitude is just as important as how you practically handle money.

Part of this eBook will cover the heart. How does God want you to respond to finances? What does His word have to say on the subject?

The other part of this eBook will be highly practical. We will start with a theology look at finances, and from that framework we will move on to see how that practically plays out.

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All the members of the team here at A Biblical Marriage have had diverse life circumstances and experiences in marriage. We have come together to share what we have learned and to give you encouragement.

Glorifying God in your Finances ~ FREE Resource from

Collectively we have had times of great communication with our spouse about finances, and we have had war-like times. We have gone through times of prosperity and times of poverty. We have learned what it means to be generous with our funds and to be selfish. The great authors of this eBook include:

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  1. This couldn’t have come at a more fitting time for me! God’s really laid it on my heart recently to take a look at our finances, and I’ve done a ton of reading on the topic. Thank you for this ebook!

  2. Jim Clemons says:

    Please send me your finances in marraige free ebook. Thank you again for this opportunity.

    Jim Clenons