Getting our sex life back on track! Our Challenge This Month

Sex is a touchy subject for many couples. Some start off their marriage on rocky terms when it comes to sex due to past impurity, or they struggle to get things “right” in the bedroom. Others experience a few months or years of newlywed bliss before problems in the bedroom begin. But it’s inevitable, each couple will at least hit a few bumps on the road to oneness in the bedroom.

Get your sex life back on track!

I think one of the blessings of waiting until marriage to have sex, is that God has blessed us with a pretty good sex life. Throughout our marriage we have generally clicked very well when it comes to our sex life. That is, until we had babies. 

There is nothing like going through labor and birth, getting 4 hours of sleep per night, getting spit up on, pooped on, and only getting one shower a week {Times TWO since we have TWINS} to kill the mood in the bedroom. If we could get over all those things, it seems like just as we get into things…one {or both} of the babies start to cry.

Does this sound like your life? Maybe you have older kids who don’t understand what a shut {or locked} door means! Maybe your kids are grown and gone and you don’t know who this person is living in the house with you anymore. Whatever your experience is, this is not what your sex life with your spouse is supposed to be like. While this may be a common occurrence, it’s not normal and should be corrected! 

Sex is a gift from God

In talking about sex, C. J. Mahaney writes,

“It’s difficult for me to imagine that Adam and Eve, prior to the Fall, ever had a better time than we can have right here in the twenty-first century. Maybe they did have a better time; I’m not sure. But I am sure that sex itself, in the context of marriage, is not sinful. Because sex outside of marriage is so clearly sinful, it’s easy to imagine that the purity of sex within marriage must also have been tarnished – at least a little – by the Fall. But it hasn’t. Not in the slightest. Man in his sinfulness may distort it, but in the context of marriage, sex itself remains an unblemished, untainted gift from God.” ~ Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God, pg 14 {affiliate link}

Many people {especially women} can struggle with feelings of guilt over past sexual sin, shame, or embarrassment when it comes to sex. But within the context of a faithful marriage, sex is supposed to be a wonderful gift from God! 

Getting back to wonderful

The road to recovery {or really connecting for the first time}, doesn’t happen overnight. There is no easy fix. Usually there is a lot of healing and reconciliation that needs to happen before you even get near the bed! But there is hope! God can change and redeem all situations. Begin today by praying that God would heal or help your marriage and your sex life.

Then join us in August for a 31 day challenge! We are not content with being mediocre in ANY part of our marriage. We want to have a thriving and passionate marriage that is firmly rooted in Christ.

31 Days to Great Sex

31 Days to Great Sex!

This month, August 1-31st we will be going through the book 31 Days to Great Sex by Sheila Wray Gregoire {affiliate link}! Sheila is a Christian who is on a mission to see marriage thrive! She writes,

“Who doesn’t want great sex?

To feel swept off our feet, to feel totally one with another person, to feel physical ecstasy – that sounds heavenly!

But not all of us experience that when we make love with our spouses. Some of us don’t feel very much pleasure. Some of us have really low sex drives. Some of us feel rejected because our spouse doesn’t seem to want sex very often.

No matter where you’re coming from, I’m glad that you’ve decided to launch into the 31 Days to Great Sex. This book is intended for married coiples who want to experience real intimacy and ecstasy in the bedroom.” ~ 31 Days to Great Sex

I respect Sheila because she approaches this subject from a firmly Christian stance! She sees and knows that God is foundational to all parts of our marriage, even sex!

 Do you want great sex?

Join us all month long as we dive into this. We will check in once a week and see how things are doing. Of course, we won’t get too much into the details – we’ll leave that to you ;)

So you have one week – STARTING August 1st

  • Buy a copy of the book {either as a PDF or on Kindle}. It’s only $4.99 either way!
  • Read the introduction together
  • Clear your calender and make a commitment together to at least leave enough time to read the short chapter each day {and hopefully time for more!}
  • Come back next Thursday, August 1st, to kick off our first week! {And we will hopefully have some fun giveaways for you this month too}

You can also get the eBook on your Kindle and read it that way! That’s how we have it – Get it on Amazon for $4.99!

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