Five Ways Preparedness Can Save Your Family Money!

By Scott Morefield, Contributing Writer

Saving Money While Eating Healthy ~ Preparedness is the Key ABiblicalMarraige

We’re by no means rich or even moderately well off, but we do believe strongly in living within our means. Granted, we’re probably not as strict on some things as noted Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey would be, but on most financial matters we try to follow what we believe to be the spirit of Dave’s financial ‘school’ of advice. While he teaches specifics that any family who wants to get out of debt and attain financial freedom should follow, the basic things we have done to get and stay out of debt include some of his and even a few of our own – one of which is… prepping!

Prepping?!?! When most people think about prepping, they probably think about spending gobs of money on doomsday bunkers, 30-year freeze-dried goods, solar panels, and other expensive items. Sure, those are fun and, given a few truckloads of discretionary income, would be great things to purchase; but prepping, ultimately, should be a money saver first. We firmly believe EVERY family, on even the most modest of budgets, should take some basic prepping steps.

It’s a crazy world out there, and it’s getting crazier by the minute. Economic uncertainty, war rumblings, a shaky power grid, natural disasters, an out-of-control Fed, and a gazillion other reasons attest to the probability that things aren’t likely to continue as smoothly as they have in our relatively recent past. Doing our best, as wise stewards, to prepare our families for the potential hard times to come is not only the smart thing to do, it’s the Christian thing to do as well!

In case you’ve been considering these things but have been holding back for financial reasons, we’d like to explore five ways prepping can actually save your family money over the long haul.

Five Ways Preparedness Can Save Your Family Money!

1) No matter what you buy, buying in bulk is usually less expensive.

This is often true whether you are buying raw ingredients or your favorite canned, frozen, or dried items. While it’s certainly important to check the cost per ounce, buying things in bulk, especially from a wholesale retailer like Sam’s or Cosco, is normally less expensive than buying things one at a time. Furthermore, seasonal, local, fresh vegetables from a co-op or local farmer’s market can often be less expensive than the grocery store. Gardening yourself is even cheaper!

Buying in Bulk ~ Ways to Save Money While Eating Healthy

2) Raw ingredients are usually cheaper and store longer than processed foods.

Cooking from scratch is much healthier than buying chemical laden processed foods. The good news is, for those with a preparedness mindset, cooking from scratch is a win-win. First of all, it’s much less expensive than eating out or buying processed foods from the grocery store (OK maybe you could make a cheap meal out of SPAM but who really wants that?).  Basic rule of thumb – the more ‘hands’ (or machines) that touch the food, the more it costs and the more unhealthy it often is! Even buying that can of soup from the store is much more expensive than making the soup yourself. Secondly, basic, scratch ingredients store easily and often for longer periods of time – a real boon for those who want to prepare and save money at the same time.

For many families, the transition from convenience foods to a lifestyle of cooking healthy, nutritious, wholesome foods from scratch can certainly involve a pretty dramatic lifestyle change, but it’s well worth it!

3) Prepping allows you to buy almost everything on sale.

Except for fresh items like milk, eggs, fruit, and the like, we rarely buy a food item that’s not on sale. Let’s say you want to make a nice chicken casserole from scratch one night for dinner. Great idea, except you don’t have any chicken in your pantry – so you go to the store, only to find out the chicken you need isn’t on sale. In fact, it’s marked higher than it normally is! Had you been prepping all along you wouldn’t have run out of chicken in the first place, and the chicken you have in the pantry would have likely been bought on sale. When you spot a good deal on foods you would normally buy, buy as much as you can! After all, who knows when that deal will come around again? Not only did you take advantage of the chance to buy something at a great deal, but the next time you pass that section of the store and see the item is not on sale, your fully stocked pantry will allow you the chance NOT to buy at the more expensive price.

Buying Raw Ingredients is Usually Cheaper Than Processed ~ How to Save Money While Eating Healthy | ABiblicalMarriage

4) Prepping saves time – and time is money.

How much time, gas, and vehicle wear and tear do those avoidable (see point 3) trips to the grocery store take? If you have a grocery store in your pantry, and are stocking it up with bulk and scratch items, how many trips to the grocery store do you really have to make? Not as many as most people!

5) Prepping in this way will help you eat healthier, and eating healthier will save you money in the long run.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Cooking and eating healthy ingredients from scratch is certainly not something only preppers do, but preppers who practice this will reap the same rewards. A healthier lifestyle = a healthier family = less medical expenses = more money in your pocket! Win-Win-Win-Win!!

It’s a no-brainer – prepping, properly and smartly done, can SAVE the average family money over the long haul. Then, later, maybe there’ll be enough for those doomsday bunkers and solar panels!

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