Spice It Up Saturday: Create a Candlelight Dinner

Welcome to week two of our new weekly feature, Spice It Up Saturdays!

Spice It Up Saturdays ~ A quick idea each week that you can implement during your weekend to "spice" things up with your spouse! | ABiblicalMarriage.com

Each week we share a quick tip or idea that you can use to spice up your marriage! Each idea is designed to be able to be carried out during the weekend without a ton of time. With a few minutes each week you can spice things up and add a little flavor to your marriage!

Spice It Up #2

Surprise your spouse with a candlelight dinner! Spend the evening talking and bonding. If you are in a busy season, then share a quick dessert by candlelight instead. Spend some time reconnecting!

Spend some intentional time together – Have a candlelight dinner or dessert!

Surprise your spouse with a candlelight dinner. Turn off your lights, light the candles, and enjoy a romantic dinner in together. You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a romantic meal!

Are you in a busy season right now? Perhaps you have little kids and just don’t have the time {or energy} for a full candlelight dinner. Put the kids to bed, scoop some ice cream and enjoy even just 15 minutes sitting together by candlelight talking!

Candlelight is a great way to disconnect from technology, focus on your spouse, and who knows….maybe set the mood a little!

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