Couple Bonding {The Benefits of Walking Together}

By Rachel O’Neill, Contributing Writer

One of the ways my husband and I most enjoy spending time together is going for walks. While it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like {and pretty much never during snow season in Pennsylvania}, some of our best bonding times have been had on simple strolls together.


Photo by Jim Champion

Getting outdoors takes us away from the many distractions of home- dirty dishes, laundry, computers, bills to pay, and television. Because our children are still so young {and love being outdoors}, throwing them in a stroller keeps them happily occupied, freeing us up for uninterrupted conversation. It is *almost* like a date, but totally FREE.

Away from distractions, we are able to unload our minds with one another. We discuss what we’re reading, what the Lord is teaching us, concerns both large and small, and our hopes and aspirations for the future.

As a side benefit, fresh air and exercise are very invigorating! Oftentimes a quick walk in the afternoon or early evening refreshes us and gives us the fuel we need to finish the day productively.

Taking time to enjoy the scenery- billowing clouds, sundry wildflowers, changing trees, rolling hills, the setting sun- refreshes our perspective. It points us to the greatness, power, immensity, and immutability of our amazing God.

While it can be hard to pull away from the busyness of the days, I have never regretted going for a walk with my man. The opportunity it affords us for sweet fellowship and communion has deepened our friendship and strengthened our understanding of one another.

What activity best facilitates communication in your marriage?

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  1. We love doing this, it helps so much in parenting!