Biblical Submission in Action

This is a guest post by April Cassidy


The pictures are actually from our trip to Myrtle Beach last summer when this story happened!

The pictures are actually from our trip to Myrtle Beach last summer when this story happened!


Here is a real life, super practical example of biblical submission.

On the morning we were leaving for a summer vacation, our mini-van battery died. My husband – being the handy guy he is – jumped the van off, and got it going. I thanked him enthusiastically and suggested, respectfully and with a smile, “We have time to go by the Advanced Auto Parts Store if you want to, Honey.” He said, “No, I think we’ll be fine”- he thought the battery just got run down from having the car doors open for a long time while we were packing the car, possibly, and didn’t want to waste time fooling with the battery unnecessarily.

(Let me say here – a few years ago, I would have INSISTED that we go get a new battery. I would have DEMANDED that we replace the battery – NOW. And I would have worried constantly if he didn’t replace it. And I would have talked about it non-stop until he took care of it my way.)

Well, I decided to respect my husband’s decision as the leader of the family and said politely, “Ok, whatever you think!” And I read my book and seriously didn’t worry about it. (This is the kind of peace God has given me daily for over 4 years now. By the time this incident happened, trusting God and my husband and respecting them was a normal, every day thing. It was not a struggle at all by this time. My mind, heart and spirit had been renewed already.)

April 1


We got to the condo at the beach and my husband parked head-first in a spot in the parking garage and we unloaded all our stuff.

When he tried to crank up the van later – the battery was dead.

A few years ago – I am sure I would have berated him with an “I told you to replace that battery!” lecture and a lot of attitude. But I had learned to respect my husband, so I didn’t say anything nasty. I didn’t even think anything nasty or hateful. I was totally calm and at peace (again – totally a God thing, not a me thing). There were empty cars on both sides of us. And there was a big island in front of our car that was probably 8 ft wide.

I smiled at my husband in a pleasant way with an “I know you’ve got this covered” look and kept the kids quiet while he decided what to do. And I think I read my book some more, completely at peace that my husband had it under control and would let me know if he needed my help in some way.


Within a few minutes, a man came over and asked my husband if we needed a jump. He had bought extra long 12 ft jumper cables a few weeks earlier and his wife had ridiculed him for bringing them on their trip. But he insisted on bringing them “just in case.” (I’m SO glad he didn’t listen to his wife!) He was our personal “angel” sent from God at exactly the right moment! WOW!

He jumped our van, my husband thanked him, went right to Wal-Mart and replaced the old battery. I was peaceful, respectful, calm and not worried the whole time. I was not angry. I was not resentful. I knew that God and my husband had things under control and there was no reason to get upset or worry. It was not a big deal. No one was in danger at any point. My husband is a super capable, intelligent, responsible man and I believed he had things under control. And he did!

I read my book. I enjoyed listening to the children play. I kept them from bothering their Daddy while he worked. I gave them some Oreos. And before long, the battery was replaced, my husband was my hero, I thanked him for taking care of the problem and we had a wonderful evening at the beach!

April 3


I COULD have disrespected my husband.
I could have tried to take over.
I could have arrogantly told him what to do.
I could have barked out orders at him.
I could have fumed or pouted.
I could have gotten really angry at him and created a LOT of tension between us and ruined our trip. I might have done at least some of those things in the past when I felt like everything depended solely on me.

But when God’s Spirit is in control of my heart, God can use ALL things for my good and to show me His provision and even miracles. I would have missed out on seeing God send us an angel if I would have insisted on my way – AND I would have missed out on intimacy with my husband. AND I would have set a horrible example for our children about marriage AND I could have spoiled our vacation – as much of it as I wanted to. That is how much power I have with my choices and attitudes in my marriage and family.

God has ways of bringing people and circumstances into our lives that we can’t predict when we are obeying Him and living by faith. Little or big miracles are waiting for those who trust Him.

What a blessing to see God provide in ways I couldn’t have imagined. And what an incredible gift to have God’s peace and to maintain intimacy, respect and connection with my husband throughout that situation that would have created a big conflict years ago. I learned quite a valuable lesson that day about the rewards of trusting God and respecting my husband.

I wonder what miracles I used to miss?


Thank You that You take care of us when we obey You. Thank You that even if our husbands make mistakes, You can use them as a showcase of Your power, sovereignty and glory! Thank You for Your wise words to husbands and wives. Thank You for Your beautiful design for marriage. Use each of us to bring great honor and glory to Your Name in our lives and our marriages!




  1. Valerie says:

    I read this, and I must admit I am not much of a Christian, I have the belief that God is too incredibly large to ge of gender, but life is from the womb, and scientifically fetuses start out female. But I digress from what i want to say,I found this article to be sexist. I would have handled the situation in a similar manor since I have no mechanical skills, not because god wants me to submit to my husband. I would have let him handle it since that is not an area of expertise. But if it comes to paying the bills, that’s me. The idea of a woman submitting, willingly, is ridiculous, and old fashioned created out of religious dogma and oppression through out history. Sadly though the thought that women must submit is still a huge part of our society. Honestly I doubt that Jesus thought women should submit to a position of second class citizens or partners in a marriage. In fact that idea has created millions of instances of rape and worse. Until recently in history it was acceptable to sell your daughters into marriage where then the church says you must submit to your husband or face an angry Male god. This is not what Jesus would want. And although in the first world there is very little of selling your children, the idea of female submission is a lingering ideal tied in with these ideals. I know the article seems innocent enough, but that is how it starts. Women, if you ever have a partner that feels like you should submit, and worse uses faith in God to justify it, get the heck out of that relationship. It is 2013 you should be able to be independent, and meet your husband on equil ground, each bringing to the partnership useful skills and resources that are equil. Men are in no way as a whole smarter or more competent than women, and the same could be said of wemon, our genitals should not have anything to do with our status.

  2. Totally understand EVERYTHING you said. After 39 years of marriage and believing I was saved, Jesus saved me on August 12, 2012. Since then, my husband tells people he is married to a different woman and things have been quite different in our home. A year ago, I would have reacted the same way you said you would have reacted. But, now I have new-found respect for my husband, and knowing he is an intelligent, godly man has made my life so much easier. He does not DEMAND submission at all – I willingly give it and volunteer it. I know that is the way God will continue to bless, not only me but, our home as well.

  3. Or you could have had an adult discussion with your husband before you left. Not all disagreements or differences of opinions have to turn into full-blown arguments (I think that’s called emotional maturity). If your husband doesnt respect YOU enough to give you the space to express your thoughts, I am of the opinion that this is a problem.