Biblical Peacemaking for Families: Resolving Conflict by God’s Grace Series

If you are around anyone long enough, or develop friendships of any kind, conflict is bound to happen. We live in a fallen world with sin all around us. Conflict happens each and every day.

This is especially true within a marriage and a family. In this series we will cover Biblical Peacemaking and how to use effective and Biblical conflict resolution for your family! Come back all month long to learn more about Biblical Peacmaking

Biblical Peacemaking for Families Series

Biblical Peacemaking for Families series

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Peacemaking for FamiliesThis series will be based off of a phenomenal book, Peacemaking for Families. We will also be sharing other resources and tools to use but if you are desperate to start learning more about Biblical Peacemaking, then I suggest you order a copy of the book today! Or for further in depth study on conflict resolution in general, check out the book that started it all: The Peacemaker.