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An important part of a thriving – and growing – marriage, is when both spouses make sure they are investing in their own God-given roles. Men, you should be investing time learning how to lovingly lead your family. And Women – you should be investing time into learning how to be Godly, loving homemakers. 


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Being a homemaker means so much more than just staying home, homemaking is a career and an art!

What I didn’t use to understand {and so many don’t realize} is that being a homemaker is a career. My full time job is as a wife and a mother managing my home for God’s Glory! I wear 50 hats and have to be proficient {if not excellent} in many very different areas!

We spend years investing time and money into our education and our careers. How much thought, preparation, time, and resources do we spend investing in the most important role we will ever fill – as wife and mom?

Growing into a Homemaker

I have been jealous over the years of other homemakers. Have you ever felt like this? You see that woman from church who seems to be able to throw together last minute dinner parties like it’s no big deal. You know – the ones who actually pack healthy lunches for their kids AND their husbands!

Sometimes I felt like I could never be a homemaker like that – until it hit me! What am I actively doing, each day, to cultivate Biblical homemaking into my life? Um…if I’m honest with myself, not a whole lot!

Invest in your Home & Marriage today!

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