All Things Made New

By Jolene Engle, Contributing Writer

All Things Made New

I love a fresh start.  A clean state.  A do-over, if you will.   Perhaps that’s why I like contemplating a new year?  I think a new year coincides with a new start.  It gives me that mental pause to plan and be intentional about doing life better; better than the year before…

But sometimes life can be so unbearably difficult that I can’t even imagine improving upon it.  When I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, the notion of me growing into a new and improved daughter of the King, a wife, a mom, a homeschooling mom, and a woman in ministry is something I can’t even fathom.  Sometimes my life’s circumstances leave me feeling like I’m drowning and I’m a failure at everything.  And I think to myself, “Why bother planning when I know that I can’t muster up enough self-control, discipline, and motivation to follow through on all that I wrote down?”

But God always gives us a fresh start.  A clean slate.  A do-over, if you will.  And I just love that about our King.  He knows the emotional and mental nudge that we need to move forward in life, after all, He made us with a purpose and that purpose is to be His vessels that will lift His name on high.

 “Behold, I make all things new.”  Rev. 21:5

Perhaps today you’re living in a horrendous trial?  I’ve been there and I know that making goals is not something I’d sign up for because I know that enduring the storm and staying the course on the Narrow Path is all I was able to handle.  And I’ve learned that that’s okay!  Sometimes my goal was to just survive the storm and other times it was to spiritually thrive while I was in it.  Maybe this is where you’re heading this new year?  My encouragement to you is not to feel defeated.  God has a plan for this storm that you’re living in and He’ll be faithful to get you through it.

But maybe you’re living in the mundane or you’re flirting with apathy in your marriage and/or family life?  If that’s the case, then it’s time to put forth some effort to live an intentional life where your walk with the Lord, as well as your marriage, can thrive.

What needs to change in your heart?  Do you need to let go of some baggage?  Overcome some bitterness?  Prune some relationships that don’t encourage, support, or draw you closer to the Lord?  Maybe your marriage needs more of your attention?

Do you need more support or encouragement in your life?  If so, maybe you need to seek out a Bible study you can join or get involved with a ministry.  Does your marriage need more of your investment?  Do you need to have a candid talk with your man about some issues that have been brushed under the rug?  Have you gotten lopsided in life?  Have you put the role of motherhood before your marriage?  If so, sit down with your man and try to make some changes.

As you enter into this new year ask the Lord what His plans are for your life.  What is it that He wants you to move towards or let go of?  I’ve always been a much bigger fan of having the Lord’s plan for my life rather than having my own.  After all, God is a lot smarter than I am and I’d prefer to follow in His footsteps than hope He’d follow in mine.

My heart’s prayer is to see this new year through God’s eyes where He sees me as a new creation and where He makes all things new, which includes both you and I and our situations.

Jolene Engle – The Alabaster Jar


  1. I so needed to read this piece on making all things new esp asking GOD what HIS will is for my life! I want His will not my own! Thank you!

  2. That is our prayer, too, Jolene. To live our lives and grow our marriage according to God’s plan for us. And our One Word at Longings End is INTENTIONAL and we are purposing to set our mind like His to that things that truly matter. Love, forgiveness, oneness in the Spirit and growing the best marriage yet, accomplishing all that He wants us to do this year…and all to His glory. Thanks for another great post. I love reading your words, so insightful.

  3. That’s awesome, Sheila! Love the one word you chose. :)

  4. How wonderful to hear this, Stacy. So blessed to hear that you’re seeking His will for your life. You’ll be blessed because of it!

  5. Sometime last year i dreamt of going through a storm. Im in the middle of it. Thank you for the article. Right now I just strength to pull through.


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