6 Ways to Help Your Spouse Grow in the Lord


As loving spouses we should want to see our other half grow in the Lord. We should rejoice when they draw closer to God and as their partner in this life we can help – or hinder- their spiritual growth.

While it is the husband’s role to lead and guide his family, especially when it comes to spiritual matters, and the wife’s role is to lovingly submit to her husband, they can mutually encourage each other in this walk!

“That is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.” ~ Romans 1:12


1) Help your spouse memorize Scripture

Memorizing scripture is a wonderful way to draw closer to our Creator’s heart and learn His ways! But it’s often an easy thing to forget to do.

Ask your spouse to help remind you to do your own scripture memorization and help remind them to do theirs if wanted. We have created 5 scripture memory card sets to help you memorize scripture easier! We have gathered essential scripture to memorize on the family, anxiety, salvation, and more! Download your FREE scripture memory cards on our Facebook page.

A heart prepared, scripture memory cards!

2) Encourage your spouse to be involved in discipleship opportunities

We all are super busy! Often it feels like one more thing simply cannot be added to busy life and busy schedules. It may feel that you don’t get enough time to see your spouse as it is. But encourage them to be involved in discipleship opportunities because repeats over and over in scripture the importance of mentoring relationships. 

Encourage your husband to attend the all men workday at the church. Watch the kids so your wife can attend the ladies tea. Encourage your spouse to seek out and grow mentoring relationships with older wiser individuals at church! Mentoring within marriage is so important.

“Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.” ~ Proverbs 9:9


3) Encourage daily bible reading

This is another hard area that can be difficult to make a habit. Start working on this yourself and encourage your spouse {without nagging} to do the same thing. Help each other make it a habit!

Share with your spouse something you learned from your daily Bible reading and encourage them to share with you! Don’t just read it and forget, let it penetrate your heart and saturate your mind! 

“Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation.” ~ 1 Peter 2:2


4) Pray for and with your spouse

Remind your spouse each day that you are praying for them. And actually mean it – Pray every day for your spouse!

Remember to ask each day what things you can specifically pray for for your spouse. What are they struggeling with right now? What do they need to work on? And what are some praises?

5) Encourage your spouse to read

Reading good Gospel centered books is a wonderful way to grow in your knowledge of God and draw closer to him. Find good books to read together and individually.

Does your husband struggle with leading? Encourage him to pick up a good book on Biblical leadership in the home. Does your wife struggle to find the time and energy to make healthy nutritious meals? Encourage her to study cooking and homemaking!

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6) Be Your spouse’s best friend

Live life with your spouse! Be with them through the thick and the thin. Be the kind of spouse that your other half can turn to.

Create the atmosphere in the home in such a way that your spouse can feel like they can come to you when they need to repent. Be gracious, loving, and forgiving with them and really learn to walk this journey together. Side by side!  

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