5 Days to a Christ Centered Marriage…Learning how to Glorify God in your Marriage

Ideally Christian marriages should be laying their foundation on the Word of God. But often this doesn’t happen and we turn to popular psychology and the culture to tell us how our marriages should look.

There is so little teaching out there on what a truly Biblical marriage should look like. But there are some excellent sources. We want to find those resources and bring them to you to help you to form a Christ Centered Marriage!

Our Christian Marriages should be firmly rooted in the Word of God. But it can be hard to know how to do that or what that should look like. Join us as we explore what a Christ-centered, God-glorifying Marriage should look like! {Plus many practical tips}

For one week straight we will look at what it means to intentionally live out our marriages! A Christ-centered marriage first starts with figuring how to glorify God in your marriage.

5 Days to a Christ-Centered Marriage:

Links will be updated as posts are added

{Day 1} Die to Self Daily – Live for Christ

{Day 2} Communicate Clearly – No manipulation!

{Day 3} Growing Together  in the Lord

{Day 4} Intentional Parenting – Train them up

{Day 5} Sex can be for God’s glory – Redeeming sex within marriage {Post coming soon!!}


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