5 Days of Intentional Living: A Christ Centered Marriage {Introduction}

Normally on Saturdays we post our Spice It Up feature, but this week I am interrupting our normal schedule to announce a great series we will be doing this week called 5 Days of Intentional Living. The series starts this Monday, April 8th.

5 Days of Intentional Living

April 8-12 we will be joining 15 other fabulous blogs to bring you 5 whole days of intentional living on many different topics but all of them rooted in Christ and living intentionally. Over 5 days and 16 blogs we will be bringing you 80 posts on living intentionally. Get ready  for some serious reading this week.

I will also be doing the 5 days on my other blog, Young Wife’s Guide. I will be doing 5 Days to Glorifying God in Your Homemaking.

Intentional Topics & Bloggers

A Biblical Marriage – “A God Centered Marriage”

Young Wife’s Guide – “Glorifying God in Your Homemaking”

Intentional By Grace – “Filling Up Your Life & Not Just Your Schedule”

Christian Mommy Blogger – “Intentional Blogging”

Intentional Homeschool – “Intentional Training”

KaysePratt.com – “Embracing Rest”

Live Called – “Making Your Home a Haven”

Triple Braided Kids – “Cherishing Your Baby’s Development”

Gospel Homemaking – “Intentional Attitudes”

Season The Day – “Parenting with a Purpose”

Grace Everyday – “Empowered by Grace”

Creating Naturally – “Preserving Family Memories”

Running Against the Odds – “Training our Mind and Body”

New Life Steward – “Intentionally Walking With God”

The Purposeful Mom – “A Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character”

Adventure In the Unknown – “Being Content While Single”

Our Christian Marriages should be firmly rooted in the Word of God. But it can be hard to know how to do that or what that should look like. Join us as we explore what a Christ-centered, God-glorifying Marriage should look like! {Plus many practical tips}

A Christ Centered Marriage

All this week we will be focusing on what it means to have a Christ Centered Marriage, because after all, that is what A Biblical Marriage was created for. We want to see all marriages practicing Biblical principles and living out selfless love. But we know that isn’t a reality so we want to be here as an encouragement and help teach what the Bible has to say on marriage.

Starting on Monday and going through Friday, we will be covering the basics of what it means to have a Christ Centered marriage. And while you could go much deeper into each of these topics, we will at least be giving you an overview of what it means to live out a Biblical marriage. I hope you are as excited as we are to dive into Scripture!

What We Will Cover This Week:

  • Die to self daily – Live for Christ
  • Communicate Clearly – No manipulation!
  • Grow Together  in the Lord
  • Intentional Parenting – Train them up
  • Sex can be for God’s glory – Redeeming sex within marriage

We have a full week planned and I pray you come back and join in the conversations that will be happening! We will jump into it on Monday and have 5 powerful posts all week long.

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5 Days of Intentional Living


*While we support this series, we have not read through everything on all of the previous blogs and thus cannot say for sure if we agree with everything written on these blogs.*