5 Creative Christmas Date Ideas

By Aaron and Hilary Bernstein, Contributing Writers.

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During the last week of December and the first week of January, our family’s celebration schedule gets a little crazy: we celebrate Christmas, Hilary’s birthday, New Year’s, and our wedding anniversary.

Because there are so many special dates crammed into two quick weeks, we’ve learned the importance and necessity of setting aside time for each other. Here are five creative date ideas we’ve enjoyed over the years to make time for just the two of us.

5 Creative Date Ideas for Christmas

1. Get outside!

Yes, it may be freezing cold out. But take time to get outside together. Go on a winter walk. The bitter air may make you walk fast, but it’s fun to warm up with kisses and cocoa. Don’t forget the wisdom found in Ecclesiastes 4:11 – “If two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?” If a walk isn’t your speed, try sledding or snowball fights if there’s snow. Ice skating also can be romantic and fun.

2. Cuddle by the fire

If you have a fireplace in your home, build a big fire. Turn on some of your favorite mellow music, light candles, sit down with snacks (get as decadent or simple as you’d like), and play a board game together. Or use this setting to decompress after a family party.

3. Look at Christmas lights together

Hop in your car, drive around your neighborhood, and vote on the best – or most gaudy – light displays. Go to the zoo and check out some spectacular holiday lights. Or, simply turn off all the lights in your home except for the lights on your Christmas tree. Make the most of the ambiance and time alone.

4. Use a Christmas gift together

Did you happen to get any gift cards for Christmas? Catch a movie at a local theater, go out to eat, or shop after-Christmas sales with the new gift cards that are burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Help others in need

Set aside a time to serve others in your community. Coordinate and host a Christmas party for needy children at a homeless shelter. Serve at a soup kitchen. Distribute hats, gloves, and blankets to the homeless. By serving others, you’ll be filled with joy.

Getting personal

What is your favorite way to spend time with your spouse during the busy holiday season?

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  1. We have enjoyed checking out the Christmas lights at the homes in luxury neighborhoods around town, lots of fun while listening to the local radio station that plays all Christmas music!
    Another fun activity if the weather is clear enough is to watch the meteor shower that happens for a few nights every December. It’s great for us since we both are interested in astronomy and science in general.

  2. My husband and I work on a holiday puzzle together. We squeeze time in while dinner is cooking or the baby is sleeping catching up on the day or just sitting side by side.

  3. Driving around to look at Christmas lights can be such a fun evening out :) It provides such a great time to talk and bond together. Oh the meteor shower is a great date idea!! Love it, thanks for sharing!

  4. Aw doing a puzzle together can be so much fun and relaxing :) Just have to make sure to keep those little pieces away from babies haha!

  5. We made a date night out of shopping for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes! He shops for a boy, and I shop for a girl, then we come home and watch a Christmas movie and assemble the boxes.

  6. What a fantastic idea!


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